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Aperol Spritz, a drink that is a complete success in Europe and number 1 in Italy. In the last years, it became one of the favorites of opinion leaders across Brazil.

The public is captive and is used to drinking it in bars, pubs and parties. However, Campari Group noticed that this experience could be extended by letting the consumer prepare it at home.

Aperol Spriz has a unique and reasonably simple recipe: in a glass full of ice, add 60 ml of Prosecco, 60 ml of Aperol and fill with sparkling water.

Client: Grupo Campari


Campari Group needed a floor display that could work as connection point between the on-trade channel, bars and parties, and the off-trade channel, super and hypermarkets.  And the main sign for the brand recognition in the on-trade channel was the Aperol Spritz drink glass.

Besides, the communication of this display should teach each step of the Aperol Spritz recipe to the consumer and make him buy the three main ingredients: Prosecco, Aperol and sparkling water.


The display’s visual concept was supported by the most iconic sign of the brand, the Aperol Spritz drink glass, and inside it all products required to prepare it. Thus, the public would make the direct association from the consumption moment to the purchase at the point of sale.

At the display frontlet, illuminated by backlight, the full recipe of the drink was displayed. Inside the piece, translucent orange acrylic shelves were positioned so that the three main ingredients could be placed, inducing the consumer to buy them and prepare Aperol Spritz at home.

The display’s materials and finishings were carefully planned so that they would transmit the brand’s whole quality and sophistication, added with external and internal illumination. The exhibition of the products on both sides made the piece work both leaned and isolated in some area of the store.

Aperol Spritz’s floor display became one of the great finalists in Popai 2018 Award and won the 1st position, giving the gold trophy, once again, to Art Contrast, this time in Special Projects – Promotion and Merchandising Material category.