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Red Bull’s headquarters in Austria asked us to develop a complete set of POS materials for the Neymar’s Five Campaign, an amateur football tournament involving 75 teams from across the world.
Each team consists of five players, with no goalkeepers. For each goal scored, a player from the opposing team leaves the field and in each match the winner being the team that can eliminate all the members of the opposing team.

At this event, Red Bull saw the opportunity to enable consumers to join Neymar’s team and play the championship final in Brazil. The mechanics were simple: those wishing to join just had to record a video showing why they should be chosen to be a part of this team.

As such, the point of sale would be one of the main channels of awareness of the campaign and would associate the figure of our great player with the image of the Red Bull brand, further strengthening the communication.

Client: Red Bull GmBH
Expertise: 3D, 3D, POP Materials


To develop a set composed of several POS materials with the communication of the Campaign Neymar’s Five and which could be produced worldwide.

Additionally, we should create the briefing for Neymar Jr.’s photoshoot, promoting the best possible integration of his image with the artwork of the displays and settings at the point of purpose.


At the creation stage, we received the campaign’s Key Visual and extended it to several materials such as displays and settings, always focusing on making consumers feel like they were within the group of Neymar’s closest friends.

Receiving the photos according to what we had designed has enriched our material and further strengthened the concept of the campaign.