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The Adriática Brewery was established at the beginning of the 20th century by a traditional German family in Ponta Grossa, which has been a traditional region in the production of special and premium beers.

In the long history of the Brewery, several brands were created, among them the well known Brazilian Original beer.

In the middle of the 20th century, the Adriática factory was acquired by Antárctica company, which later became part of Ambev. And then, a short time ago, the Company decided to relaunch Adriática, a successful product of the old brewery.


Create the packaging of Adriática beer, a novelty for the most demanding consumers, that is, those who are not afraid to try something new and who even take pleasure in exploring new discoveries.

The product has a special and sophisticated feature, with a dark liquid and a lot of personality.

The challenge was to build a brand strong enough to be able to sell in the “word of mouth”, like the case of the Original brand.


Only with the brand name decided, we started with a long process of research and development to make the connection between the story of Adriática and its new brand values.

After the immersion phase, we decided along the client to follow the path of a nautical world, taking advantage of the idea of pioneering German family, like those who explore new seas, even Adriatic Sea.

It is possible to notice in the packaging art, a premium and contemporary look, but without losing tradition of decades of brewery.

Many graphic elements have been inserted into the label, such as a navigation compass, blue and white stripes, and the image of a pathfinder. Typography were also created and selected to make a full part of the concept.

With all the conceptual and graphic development defined, in addition to the packaging, we formalized a Brand Book from the magnificent history of the creation of the product to the many applications of this new brand.