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Bohemia, a traditional brand of beers such as Weiss, Confraria and Imperial, began to explore the promising segment of specialty beers.

In this new phase, three new variants were created, with flavors completely different from those with which the brand was accustomed to working in the market.

Named Sabores do Brasil (Flavors of Brazil), the line added the variants Jabutipa, Bela Rosa and Caa-Yari to its portfolio. Despite being signature beers from Cervejaria Bohemia, renowned for its tradition since 1853, Sabores do Brasil came with a more humanized, Brazilian, joyful and artisanal touch.

Client: Ambev


We needed to create a large set of point-of-sale advertising pieces for direct and indirect channels, which could convey the concept of the craft process and the human involvement, without automations, from the manufacturing to the delivery of the bottles of beer in the stores.


Before starting the creation phase, we conducted a field study to discover the opportunities and needs of shopkeepers in traditional retail, supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as in the on-trade channel, which involves bars and restaurants.

All details were carefully thought out in an integrated way, such as graphic elements and visual signs, the shapes of the pieces, and the use of suitable materials and finishes.

Humanization was clear in the pieces of the set, such as the display-cart, which gave off a subtle idea that the beers had just arrived at the point of sale, directly from the factory, by an employee of Cervejaria Bohemia.

Another floor display model brought the rusticity of old, wooden beer crates. In it, we included three shelf levels and a slate at the top, so that shopkeepers could hand-write the beer names and prices.

With these examples and more than a dozen pieces, this project has become a reference for POS campaigns of other AmBev specialty beer brands.