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For more than 10 years, the FlashLimp brand, by Sunguider, has been a synonymous with quality in the home care accessories category. Sponges, cloths and other products have become fundamental items and are present in the daily lives of countless Brazilians.

In 2016, FlashLimp was entering a new stage of its history with the aim of launching new products in Brazil, as the new and revolutionary Mop Giratório.

Client: Sunguider
Expertise: 3D, Packaging


This new phase called for a new packaging look that conveyed all modernity and sophistication of a product line focused on innovation and respect for its consumers, who would rely on the help of new products never tried before.

The FlashLimp line, counting on more than a hundred new products, required from us an effort to work with the most varied types of packaging.


After a thorough study on the competition, on the cleaning category scenario and the real needs of end consumer, the new packaging line brought the green, the white and a touch of gray drawn to the silver, producing a premium appearance to the look.

Another important point was to show the products with extreme perfection and we decided to use the advanced technology of 3D to illustrate the products and all their levels of details.

The new Flashlimp face has contributed to making Mop Giratório become an absolute sales success in a short time, further attracting the launch of dozens of new products within a line that continues to grow and will expand even more in the coming years.