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Released in 2014, the brand Harald Melken Inovare brought an unprecedented category composed of a complete line of compound chocolate.

Unlike other types of compound chocolate available in the food service market, Harald Melken Inovare was a brand that offered chocolatiers the same tempering process as in the execution of desserts made with noble chocolate. However, the great differential of this product was the same result as that obtained with couverture chocolate, with a greater margin of error during the frosting tempering.

Client: Chocolates Harald
Expertise: 2D, Packaging


In 2017, a study was carried out on brand architecture and on the positioning of each brand in the company’s portfolio. After this process, the conclusion was that Inovare could become an independent brand.

After repositioning the brand in the category of compounds in food service, we created an authorial visual identity capable of achieving the established brand strategy. This led to the creation of a new packaging line consisting of 7 SKUs.


The product and the Inovare brand have come up to increase the range of products that exist between compound and couverture chocolates. As there is no other product with its attributes, a new packaging, unlike any category, should be created.

We did a study on signs to understand the codes of the chocolate and compound category. After that, we were able to identify which rules we could break to create a layout that was different from everything, but not to the point of not belonging to its category.

The Milk, White, Intense and Caramel flavors earned a special color code for each of them, with 50% of the background in white color and fonts that transmitted technology and an easy readability. All the technical information of the product was organized so that they were all together in a same area and, above the color of each variant, the image of cake balls prepared with the respective product was applied.

To give it a finishing touch of sophistication and collaborate with the reading in the gondola at the point of sale, the total matte finish was applied in the packaging substrate.

These packages began to stand out from Harald’s other lines on the gondola and explain to consumers their real feature: helping them work with compound chocolate having flavor and result just like those brought by couverture chocolate.