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The Melken brand is a pioneer in chocolates for B2B businesses in Brazilian market. Founded in 2001 by Ernesto Neugebauer, the brand proposed to offer chocolatiers chefs everything that was “noble chocolate”, i.e. with cocoa butter, which requires the process of tempering for transformation.

Over time, Melken became a reference within the Harald company, and began to be used to leverage sales of other products.

This scenario made it possible to devalue consumers’ perception of the brand.



We needed to formalize a brand platform, capable of being a guiding thread for all expressions of the Melken brand.


We developed through workshops with the Harald team a whole set of brand values. From market definitions to the brand personality, and how it would relate to people.

We collect all company information, and co-create a strategy to strengthen the ties with the final consumer. Formalizing a new platform has made it possible to consistently communicate all touch points, thus opening a new path to consciously strengthening the brand over the years.

This new phase of Melken needed to be expressed to the final consumer, and the packaging symbolized this change of a deeper and more meaningful relationship with people.