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In 2017 the video game Street Fighter celebrated its 30th anniversary. Considered an icon of the gaming and arcade culture of the 1990s and ’00s, the game features characters from different parts of the world representing different fighting styles. For this occasion Red Bull, whose presence in the gaming world is notorious, projected a brand activation at the POS.

Client: Street Fighter


Create a communication tool kit for all points of contact with the shopper at the POS.


Red Bull offers gamers around the world focus and endurance, the brand is already a hallmark in the gaming culture.

From the study of the visual universe of the Street Fighter and its characters, a graphic vocabulary and thematic perimeter were defined within which the Red Bull brand unfolds, in order to create a consistent brand message throughout the journey.

All tools were developed to make the can available for purchase and they can be assembled by a single person within minutes. This campaign has been activated in several countries.