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In the current scenario of resources saving and lower environmental impact, many conventional lighting systems are moving to LED technology. In this context, Verani has launched, for the corporate market, a service of intelligent energy solutions for lighting, with LED technology. In this context, it is important to differentiate the brand taylormade service from multinationals, conventional lighting companies and specialized LED companies.

Client: Verani


Create a visual identity for the brand and adapt it to the various communication touch points between the company and its customers.


Verani believes in quality service, welcoming its customers, sharing with them the importance of smart lighting, and how light influences the well-being of people in corporate environments.

In this project we operated from brand naming to visual identity.

The visual identity makes reference to the most intelligent lighting that exists, bioluminescence, i. e., the production of light by living organisms. The graphic element of the logo is inspired by the luminescent dots found in organisms that live in deep sea where sun light can’t reach.