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Currently a leader in the category of softeners, Ypê Softener was looking for a category management proposition for POS that would assert its leadership.

Moreover, some product claims for the “traditional” and “concentrated” versions should be at this point communicated at the POS.

Client: Ypê


Create a POS toolkit based on a study of the competitions in the category, following the Key Visual supplied by the marketing team. The flagship of the toolkit should be the end cap shown here.


The idea was to create an imposing yet harmonious shape capable of capturing the shopper’s attention, and at the same time indirectly refer to the perfumes and softness the product brings. Thus the end cap became a large glowing drop, presenting the shopper with all variants of Ypê Softener.

The claims kept their original format at the customer’s request and were applied to individual wobblers that could be freely displayed on the end cap.